Denver, Co. Sgt. Sergeant Bobby Waidler hears about students stolen bike gives up his as gift

November 1, 2015 As reported by the Denver Police Department on their Facebook Page the report of a stolen bicycle that belonged to a student became knowledge of Sgt. Bobby Waidler. He understood that it was the girl’s, (whose name is only known as “Kate”) only transportation. The bicycle had been locked up hoping that it would be safe but someone had gotten to it anyway and the girl was devastated.

When the Sergeant found out that Kate had been left without transportation he e-mailed her and told her that he had a mountain bike that was operable and offered it to her. “Kate was floored by Bobby’s compassion and generosity – she gladly accepted his gift.” According to the facebook post.

The Sgt. rode the bike over to Kate and delivered it  to her personally.

Denver Police Department Sergeant Bobby Waidler
Denver Police Department Sergeant Bobby Waidler


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