Somerset, Tx Officer delivers baby on the side of the road.

Somerset, Tx. Thompson and Wrenlee dad Wesley Arigullin said they were on their way to the hospital Tuesday night when they were forced to pull over on the side of the road. Arigullin was having contractions although she wasn’t due until November 14, however the baby decided otherwise.

Luckily A Somerset Independent School District police officer named Israel Castro was across the road and saw the couple in distress and immediately came to their aid.

“I was freaked out, scared and I was panicky, but between him and Officer Castro, everything was OK,” Thompson said.

The baby who was named Wrenlee, was silent for her first few moments which caused everyone to panic. “She wasn’t moving or anything so it was real scary, and I got her to cry,” said Wesley Arigullin. “We’re actually hoping to save all the videos and stuff, and tell her about it,” said Thompson. “Let her get the officers experience, and what it was like for him and us and be able to share it with her.”

“Nothing prepares you for someone giving birth,” said Israel Castro, Somerset ISD officer. Although he admits that the officers are given training in CPR, first aid and immediate combat medic support.

Wrenlee weighs 6 pounds and 9 ounces and is what her parents describe as a perfectly healthy beautiful baby girl.


Somerset ISD, Tx. Officer Israel Castro
Somerset ISD, Tx. Officer Israel Castro


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