Upper Chichester, Pa. Township Police Department S.R.O. Sgt. Reardon says goodbye

October 30, 2015  On the Facebook page of the Upper Chichester Township Police Department a remarkable event was shown taking place between Sgt. Reardon and a group of young people that happens daily but is not considered news.

Sgt. Reardon walked down the hallway of the Chichester Middle School for the last time as he is leaving as their School resource Officer.

Please take a minute to view the send off that they give the Sgt. and judge for yourself if having him there on a daily basis is a good thing or a bad thing. Ask yourself while watching, how many teachers get a send off like this? The man is treated like a rock star for a reason. He has probably touched the hearts of students and staff for years and will be remembered as such.

Students, parents and teachers will have a more positive view of their Local Police and Sgt. Reardon certainly knows them all and has a more positive view of them. It is a great loss to the community when senior officers who have established trust and the good will of the community that they serve like this retire.

From the Upper Chichester Township Police Department Facebook page

Today was Sergeant Reardon’s last day as the Chichester School Districts School Resource Officer. This is the send off the Middle School gave him. AWESOME JOB CHICHESTER MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS AND STAFF!!! This is what makes our job great! Sgt. Reardon – Good Luck with the future, Upper Chichester Police will miss you.






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