Pikeville, Ky. Officers make a 6 year old child who is going blind’s wish come true

November 2, 2015 will be a day that 6 year old Trenton Morris will always remember and his mother Christy will never forget. Trenton’s vision has been getting progressively worse for over three years and the boy is now legally blind. But he has a burning desire to be a Police officer and officers from Pikeville as well as the Pike County Sheriff’s Department and the Kentucky State Police helped him with that dream on Monday.

Trenton’s mother realizes that his future is grim and his prospects for ever becoming a Police officer are not good but she hopes that treatments that he is undergoing may offer hope. But for the day Trenton was able to live his dream as he was sworn in as an Honorary Police officer of the Pikeville Police Department.

Trenton was able to take a ride along in a Police car and even perform a traffic stop on the Sheriff of Pike County Rodney Scott who gladly played “the bad guy” with some outstanding warrants for his arrest. Trenton had to call for backup. It was the highlight of his day.

Dressed in his Police uniform, Trenton called for backup as his family was listening to the scanner. They heard the sirens and Trenton saw a squad of Officers arrive for him to ‘take the bad guy to jail’.

Christy Morris was nearly in tears as she explained to EKB News that her son is always in his own toy Police car and that he calls for back up and that today he got it.

“He said Mommy I’m a real cop, I’m a real cop” Christy Morris was reported as telling Local8Now. “He always calls for back up in his little police car, whenever he got on there and called for back up and I saw all those cars come up the hill and the sirens I could only imagine what he was thinking”

“We just wanted to take that problem out of his life. The only thing he saw today was his dream coming true” says Pikeville Police Chief, Phillip Reed.

As brothers in blue come together to fill a young boys desire to get the bad guys before it’s too late.

“His vision’s just so bad, I’m just really worried he’ll never get to be an actual cop” says Christy Morris.

Pikeville Police. Kentucky State Police, the Pike County Sheriff assist Honorary Officer 6 year old Trenton Morris
Pikeville Police. Kentucky State Police, the Pike County Sheriff assist Honorary Officer 6 year old Trenton Morris

Photo Credit: EKB News

Watch the report by EKB News Reporter Shannon Deskins.


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