Volusia County, Fl Sheriff’s Office gets a visitor

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office entertained 4-year-old C.J. for a tour of the District Office in Deltona. The Deputies (and K-9) enjoyed C.J. as much as he enjoyed being there.

C.J.’s mother posted a sweet thank you stating “ Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. He had so much fun and really made his and my day. He is right, you guys really are super heroes. I am proud to have you all serving my community and am just baffled at how much you all went above and beyond for him. God bless you all and thank you again

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office 

Posted quite a few photos of C.J. on vehicles, in vehicles and with members of the Office. here is just one with what they wrote.

Thanks to C.J. and his mom for bringing in 4-year-old C.J. for a tour of our District Office in Deltona on Saturday. Not sure who had more fun — C.J. or our deputies — but as you can see, it was smiles all around. After all of the fun was over, the deputies gave C.J. a warm send-off that included a goodie bag full of treats. C.J.’s mom reports that he had an amazing time and “was absolutely spoiled” by his new deputy friends. Made our day too!

Volusia County Sheriff's Office with 4-year-old C.J.
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office with 4-year-old C.J.

Photo Credit:Volusia County Sheriff’s Office 

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