VALLEJO, Calif. Deputy Mike Clauzel & Officer Ray Padmore “They’re heroes, my angels,”

Briana Vargas 18 is finally getting ready to be discharged from the hospital after a near month long stay after a horrific motor vehicle accident she wouldn’t have survived had it not been for the efforts of San Francisco Sr. Deputy Mike Clauzel and San Francisco Police Officer Ray Padmore.

On October 8, 2015 Both officers were on their way home from working in separate Departments  in separate vehicles not knowing that they would be drawn together within minutes of seeing a horrific motor vehicle accident. Although the two officers do know each other they could not have foreseen what would happen next.

The officers were drawn to the accident scene by smoke and flames, both rushing to aid anyone who may need immediate assistance.

Vargasis’s vehicle had collided with another vehicle and then rolled down an embankment where she was thrown from the vehicle which was then consumed by flames.

Upon arrival Deputy Mike Clauzel told ABC7 News “She was about 15 to 20 feet in front of the vehicle and the flames were advancing rapidly,” he said. “So she was lying face up. Her face was covered in blood.” Officer Ray Padmore added, “It was pretty horrific. Vehicles were on fire. Vehicles overturned.”

The two Officers pulled Vargas to safety and helped stabilize her until she could be air lifted to a medical facility.

While the two Officers stated that they were just doing their jobs and what they were trained to do Vargas and her mother call them Angels and spoke with them on camera from the hospital thanking them both for the young lady’s second chance at life.

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