Charlotte Mecklenburg, N.C. Police Steele Creek Help Abused Family

Officers from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Steele Cheek Station recently went to a domestic disturbance where a woman who had been residing with her stepfather. There were 5 children involved and the stepfather was reportedly very abusive and extremely controlling.

The young woman had nowhere to go and no family to turn to although she desperately wanted to change her circumstances. The three officers who responded Williams, Overman and Pupo decided that they could not allow the woman and the children to stay and be abused did what they could with their own resources to help.

When the officers heard that the stepfather was controlling with money and food as well as being abusive the only thing that the officers could think to do was to find a way for her to get out of the situation. They contacted local shelters bout were told that no one could accommodate such a large family at the time.

The Officers were resolved not to allow the abuse to continue and were undeterred. They decided to  take money from their own pockets to find a safe haven and temporary shelter for the woman and children. They relocated her in a secure hotel financing the shelter for two days as well as feeding the family dinner and giving them enough money to cover breakfast the next day.

The Officers kindness was given a mention on Facebook by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department along with a photo of two of the three Officers acknowledging their act of selflessness. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Steele Creek Officers Williams (left) Overman (right)
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Steele Creek Officers Williams (left) Overman (right)

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