N.Y,N.Y – N.Y.P.D. Officers help 90 year old disabled man back home and ensure his safety 104th Pct.

October 29, 2015 New York City, N.Y.  It was reported that an elderly gentleman was encountering problems in Queens. N.Y.P.D. 104th Pct. sent a Patrol to investigate and found that Mr. Silver, a long time Queens resident, was stranded because his battery powered wheelchair was inoperable. Police Officer Paul Saint and Police Officer Dove contacted EMS to the scene who transported Mr. Silver to his home. But they still had the problem of getting Mr. Silver’s wheel chair to his home. Not a Problem for NY’s finest.

The two officers pushed the wheel chair all the way to the mans home. Then they searched the internet to try and figure out what was wrong with the devise and troubleshoot it for Mr. Silver so he wouldn’t have the problem again. They discovered that a fuse was the most likely problem for the failure of the wheelchair of Mr. Silver.

The officers then contacted Mr. Silvers family members to make sure that they would take care of the problem so Mr. Silver wouldn’t be stranded again.

Officers Saint and Dove went above and beyond helping Mr. Silver and treated him like they would want someone to treat their family if the roles were reversed. That is the true mark of a great Police Officer. Hats off to both of them, the 104th and the N.Y.P.D..

NYPD Officers Saint and Dove help Mr. Silver in Queens
NYPD Officers Saint and Dove help Mr. Silver in Queens
Photo Credit: NYPD NEWS



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