Bessemer, Al. Alabama Trooper Justin O’Neal Feeds the homeless

October 16, 2015 Bessemer, Al. While Jenny Reed was passing through a McDonald’s restaurant she noticed a State Police Troop Car in front of her getting a meal. She thought nothing of it believing that the Trooper was just getting lunch for himself. Then she saw the unexpected. She saw the Trooper park, exit his vehicle and open the back door. A man exited the vehicle and pulled out all his belongings and the trooper handed him the food he had just purchased.

Reed spoke with the Trooper who was Trooper Justin O’Neal and found out that the man he had just let out of his vehicle was homeless and on his way to North  Carolina. The trooper had just wanted to make sure that the man finally had food in his stomach since the homeless traveler had not eaten in three days.

Reed was overcome with appreciation for what the Trooper had done for the man. She had snapped a photo of the exchange as it happened and posted it to her social media page with the following note:

I am in tears right now. I ran through the McDonald’s drive thru on Morgan Road. This state trooper was in front of me. He parked his car after getting what I thought was his lunch, got out of his SUV and walked over and opened his backdoor and let a homeless man out and handed him the food. I pulled over and told him he was an inspiration and a hero and he said he had brought the man here from Tuscaloosa, he is trying to get to North Carolina but this was as far as he could bring him. The man had not eaten in 3 days apparently. It touched my heart to witness this kind act from the State Trooper. I have always had respect for public servants but he just raised the bar. #angelonearth #whatifeveryonewasthiskindtoeachother #hero
Alabama State Trooper Justin O'Neal feeds a homeless man
Alabama State Trooper Justin O’Neal feeds a homeless man

Photo Credit:Jenny Reed

ABC 33/40 picked up onthe story and spoke with Trooper O’Neal who doesn’t see himself as a hero and stated that Law Enforcement officers do this daily for people across the United States, it is just that this was captured and got some attention for which he is appreciative. But “As a trooper – our main job is to save lives and protect property, but as a christian and as a human being that’s just the right thing to do.”


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