Something we already knew ..

October 25 2015 An Article appeared in the Washington Times that brings to the forefront a false narrative in a way that is negative in itself.

The article titled “Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage” sub heading “Analysis contradicts widespread views about racial targets” may bring about valid analysis and cold hard facts but still misses the mark.

The big story here is once again while the writer does a fine job of fact checking and assembling the facts misses the point of Law Enforcement and Police Officers with the Community, the Media Presence in the Community and how Politicians take advantage of it.

Sadly Law Enforcement Officers are tasked daily with going out and running toward what everyone else is running away from. They do not have the luxury of running away as everyone else does. They are expected to face the dangers daily and bravely while treating everyone equally.

The fact is that some people do resist arrest and some people are violent, some are dangerous, some try and kill Police, there are accidents and yes there are some unjustified murders but they are few and far between. They truly are headline news.

It is the media trying desperately to sell advertising space and capture the attention of viewers with any emotionally charged story that they can find to energize a wanting public with a story that they can find to keep them engaged to sell advertising dollars and make revenue.

The sound bytes that go along with this story are that body cameras will not do much good. That is something that is already well known to us here. Why? because the vast majority of Officers are great people doing a difficult job very well. They are helping their communities on a daily basis and some of the best people you would want to know.

The body cameras will only show even smaller percentages of accusations that have been made are actually misconduct on the parts of officers.

Th real story that The Washington Times should be telling is that media sells a product. To do that they have to find the extraordinary. That would be what the whole story is then advertisers get more ‘bang for their buck’ because more people pay attention and advertising dollars are better spent.

Of course politicians are trying desperately to resonate with a small group of people who are agitated and willing to go out and raise awareness and vote for them and campaign for them. It doesn’t matter if the issue is based in fact or not just if there is enough interest to energize a base without alienating another base that is larger.

What the Washington Times should be telling is that hundreds of thousands of Officers are out there everyday doing their jobs. Protecting our communities, watching over them in small and large ways. From watching intersections where there have been many traffic accidents because people have been running a stop sign and enforcing it so people will begin to stop there and reduce the accidents. To investigating burglaries, arsons, rapes, murders and drug trafficking.

These same officers spend time talking to children and helping elderly people or just stopping to buy a meal for a person who is down on their luck. They are often the first person who arrives at an accident scene and is the last person to see someone from this life clutching a trembling hand telling them that they are not alone. Then they go to the family and break the news to the family how their beloved passed away.

The story is how this happens every day across our country and that Officers come back and do it again every day making far less money than the news casters who tell the stories or the politicians who are trying to point fingers at them saying how they would do better just to stay in office.

The story is that we are very blessed to have men and women that are caring enough about our communities to face the danger people run from one minute and the next minute show the compassion that few others have ever been able to show to strangers.



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