Tomball, Tx. Honors 20 month old with cancer

October 19, 2015 Was a special day for a special little boy named Creighton Elliott Heslop who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14 months old. His prognosis is not good having failed at treatments to halt the progress of the cancer. Though the child is fascinated with life and the lights of Police cars. “Creighton’s mom contacted us several weeks ago [and] told us about his case…She said he really wanted to sit and play in a police car,” Tomball Police Chief Billy Tidwell told ABC News. “We decided that we could and should do more than just that.”

Chief Tidwell started calling people and making arrangements. On Monday Mayor Gretchen Fagan declared Oct. 19 would be “Creighton Celebration of Life Day” in Tomball in honor of Creighton.

Creighton was also made an honorary Police Officer for the day and his parents were able to see their child happy as he explored new things. The child apparently is able to use baby sign language to express his his wishes well.

The Captain of Patrol Rick Grassi in Tomball said “It’s times like these where you remember why you took this oath of office,” Grassi said. “It’s also times like these where you wash your troubles away as you see this family celebrate the life of their son.”  According to KHOU.

“In a couple of weeks, Creighton’s scheduled for a helicopter flight with a neighboring agency,” Tidwell said. “We’re doing all we can to ease this family’s pain and help him.”

A video of the child can be viewed here


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