New London, Ct. Kids wish injured officer get well and buy him coffee!

October 24, 2015 Officer Anthony Nolan of the New London, Ct. Police Department was injured a few weeks ago and has been recovering from a knee injury. His absence from his regular habits has not gone unnoticed by more than a few people including a brother and sister 8-year-old Malik and 9-year-old Tasha who left him a note attached to his door.

Officer Nolan posted the note to his Facebook page and it has received some attention but perhaps not enough.

Nolan has been interviewed by Today and explained how he had met the children a couple years ago. “I heard crying and when I approached them and asked the person who I assumed was their grandmother what happened, she explained that their book got wet and they didn’t get to read it,” he said. “I tried to calm them down because it seemed like the book was important to them.”

That sparked a conversation about books and reading, and ever since then, Nolan has been visiting the children at least once a week to read or take them to the park or for walks on the beach. He said he volunteers with many children in the New London area, especially ones who don’t have a father figure, or who live with a single parent or another relative who could use some help.

Nolan is the type of Officer that all communities benefit from and the note that he found duct taped t his door is evidence that his efforts and warm heart do not go unnoticed. As for the note and gesture of the two children Nolan wrote on his facebook page “Talk about fighting tears. This was duck taped to my door today. Can’t tell me this is not the best. “So worth sharing”. Love those kids. Lol left me coffee $.

Anthony L Nolan thank you note from 8-year-old Malik and 9-year-old Tasha
Anthony L Nolan thank you note from 8-year-old Malik and 9-year-old Tasha
Photo Credit:Anthony L. Nolan Facebook

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