Los Angeles, Ca. Police Department – Newton Division works to help boy with cerebral palsy

October 21, 2015 Los Angeles, Ca. 10 year old Geovanni Ramirez suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to walk on his own. To make matters worse thieves stole the boy’s leg braces right out of his mother’s vehicle. LAPD was notified of the disturbing theft of the child’s leg braces. Officers from LAPD’s Newton Division took up a cause for the child and family who would be unable to replace the costly braces for themselves.

On September 21, 2015 Members of LAPD were able to present the Ramirez family with a check for more than $13,000. that they had raised with a gofundme campaign for the family.

“Who better to serve than the most vulnerable in our society,” LAPD’s Michael Ventura asked. “That’s why we went above and beyond.” according to CBS Los Angeles.

Geovanni’s mother says that, without the help of the LAPD, her family would never have been able to afford replacing her son’s braces. The family says they plan to use the extra money to modify their home, making it more wheelchair accessible.

The department also worked to connect Geovanni with some of LA County’s top orthopedic surgeons, and treated the youngster, who is an avid Dodgers fan, to his first game at Dodger Stadium.

Photographs of the event were posted to the LAPD Newton Division Facebook web page.

Here are just a couple.

LAPD Newtown Div presets  Geovanni Ramirez and family with a check
LAPD Newtown Div presets Geovanni Ramirez and family with a check
Geovanni Ramirez and Family
Geovanni Ramirez and Family



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