Philadelphia, Pa Photo of SEPTA Officer goes Viral Community responds with outpouring of support

October 22, 2015 Philadelphia, Pa. After a bystander snapped a photo of a SEPTA Transit Police officer cradling a lost 2 year old safely in his arms. A destitute family receives an outpouring of help from citizens in the City Of Brotherly Love.

Michael Jones and Angelique Roland along with their children Malaysia, 4 and 2-year-old Jeremiah were recently forced out of their friends home and had to find shelter under a set of stairs in Love Park in Philadelphia.

The family escaped the elements by using cardboard in a makeshift way to create a barrier from the wind and insulate themselves as much as they could from the cold huddling up on the ground to sleep.

It was during the evening that 2 year old Jeremiah got up while his sister and parents slept and pushed the cardboard aside to see what his father believed was skateboarders. The child wearing only a long sleeve shirt, pants and a diaper. He didn’t have shoes or socks on and wandered away from where his parents had been staying.

Sometime after that citizens noticed the toddler wandering around alone and alerted a SEPTA transit Officer to the 2 year old who quickly picked him up to keep him safe.  After searching for the child’s parents the officer brought the child to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for evaluation.

Meanwhile the boys father Michael Jones had woken up and started searching for little Jeremiah frantically asking anyone and everyone if they had seen the 2 year old with no success. He finally contacted the Police Department and the family was reunited.

The 4 year old was taken by DHS for the time being and given shelter as the family was given shelter by local charities. No charges are being filed against the parents by the Police either.

However because of the story and the photograph a huge outpouring of support has been gained by the family including $12,000 in donations for a fresh start and employment opportunities for Michael Jones so he can continue to support his family.

Jones has stated to several news organizations that he believes that what has happened has been a blessing caring only that his child was alive.

We are thankful that there are people out there night and day who protect, serve, watch over the communities and that the community responds by helping in kind.

PHILADELPHIA Pa SEPTA Transit Police officer holding 2 year old Jeremiah
PHILADELPHIA Pa SEPTA Transit Police officer holding 2 year old Jeremiah
Photo Credit: Bill Newbold/AP


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