Webster, Ma. Police K-9 unit visits cancer stricken child

October 19, 2015 Webster Ma. K-9 Officer Aaron Suss and his partner “Red” visited 6 year old Brady who has been stricken with neuroblastoma a form of cancer. The disease was treated several years ago in 2012 and went into remission and Officers from Webster Police Department have been aware of Brady for quite some  time. recently they found out the tragic news that Brady’s cancer has returned so Officer Suss decided to visit Brady before his shift and surprise him.

The Officer went to visit Brady with his K-9 partner Red and the three did some K-9 training and then practiced chasing “bad guys” as Brady drove his own Police Car.

Photographs were taken by Brady’s mother April. While Aaron Suss and Red can not help to heal Brady they certainly can help to take the child’s mind off his situation for a short while and give the adults who care so much about the child a moment to see the child happy and playing. The momentary distraction from worry and seeing the child happy is what Officer Suss was aiming for. To bring some happiness to these people in any way that he could.

The photos are evidence that his mission was successful.

April who is Brady’s mother is asking everyone to “Please keep Brady in your continued prayers as we are going to fight like hell (and) beat this monster once again.” For more information, visit the Brady’s Mission website.

From the Webster Police Department’s K-9 Unit’s Facebook page:

A couple of days ago we learned some very sad news. Our young cancer fighter Brady Smith has relapsed. For the past couple of years we’ve been very happy to give updates on his clear scans showing no evidence of disease. Since that time we’ve heard he’s been happy and energetic showing great enthusiasm in school. Enjoying his childhood the way a young guy should. This just shows how cancer can throw a curveball, turning everything upside down.

K9 Red and I stopped by before our shift yesterday to say hello and bring a smile. Not only to Brady but also the adults! These are some pics his mother took with us yesterday. Pictured below Brady got to do some obedience with Red and partner up with him in his own K9 cruiser.

After getting a call I told Brady we had to go to work. Right away he said “Go catch some bad guys!”

Please keep Brady in your thoughts and prayers as he starts round two in his fight!

Brady and Webster K-9  Red in Brady's own K-9 Police Vehicle
Brady and Webster K-9 Red in Brady’s own K-9 Police Vehicle
Webster Police Officer  Suss with Brady and Red
Webster Police Officer Suss with Brady and Red
Photo’s Credit: April L Smith

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