Jonesboro, Ar. Lieutenant John Shipman making a difference in and with the community

October 20, 2015 Jonesboro, Ar. Lt. John Shipman of the Jonesboro Police Department has received some attention as of late for the work he has done in and around his community being a true sheepdog. Law Enforcement Officers approach everyone with a suspicious eye and rightfully so as it becomes a primary survival tool. But Shipman with his years of experience has learned to separate the wolves from the sheep and help those in need.

The community has rallied to help him as well. Shipman has recalled several times when he has been able to assist people who have been in desperate times.

According to the Washington Times Shipman spoke with one man who had not slept on a bed in a month. Shipman sought to help him as much as he could. Using resources available to him he contacted a local church who provided the man with a bed and some other necessities such as a meal. Shipman noted that it cost the church under $40.00 to contribute what they had. Also noting that the man was not a drug addict or alcoholic but simply that he had fallen on hard times.

Although it was only $40.00 Shipman knew that he could not afford to contribute amounts like that himself as often as necessary to help everyone he encountered that needed help. So he enlisted the help of community people on Facebook. What astonished him was the outpouring of support that he received.

He recruited the help of some companies that were very happy  to help. One in particular printed logos “Back the Blue” on tee shirts and sweat shirts and other clothing apparel. The call for the design was greater than he had hoped. The money that is generated above the cost help people in need now.

According to the Washington Post “A website is under construction for Shipman’s charity, and those who wish to assist may contact Design Signs at 3529 E. Nettleton Ave., or Unique Ink, a Jonesboro business that recently held a grand opening at its location at 2203 E. Nettleton Ave.”

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