UPDATE: Butler County, Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Bussell “The Angel I had been praying for all night”

October 19, 2015 In a story here that featured a woman named Tierra Gray and her two young children that had been sleeping in the lobby of Butler County’s Jail in Ohio when Deputy Brian Bussell saw them and helped the family out in such a tremendous way we offer a major update.

Originally Deputy Bussell had taken the family and brought them to a motel where they could find proper shelter for ten days and then shopping for clothing, shoes and food paying for everything out of his own pocket.

However the Deputy was not content realizing that the family would be no better off in a weeks time than they were when he first found them.

Local12now reports that Deputy Bussell has gone ne step further and continued to make calls and use whatever was at his disposal to ensure the practical survival of the family.

Deputy Bussell’s kindness was recognized because Tierra  wanted to thank Deputy Bussell for his kindness. Her thanks went viral and because of her heartfelt thankfulness and the Deputies continued support she was able to move into an apartment.

The apartment was furnished by Sisters of Sisters who has a website that is always looking for charitable donations to help people in need as well. They can be found here if you would like to donate to them.

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