Belton, Tx Officer Robert Gatewood connects with kids anyway he can one even gives him dance instructions!

October 12, 2015 Belton, Tx. Officer Robert Gatewood was viewed dancing with local youths recently and later that video gained some media attention.

KWTX interviewed Gatewood regarding his interaction with the kids and his short to the point answer on what he was doing and why is sound advice to all LEO’s out there as well as the people he serves.

“A lot of times they’ll never meet an officer until they are an adult and if I can get out there and show them that I like to do the same things they do and have fun and enjoy myself, they look at the uniform not as an armor but more as a covering over a human being”, Gatewood said.

Gatewood like so many Police Officers today had positive dealings with Officers when he was  younger himself that had inspired him to go into law Enforcement as a career.

“We would always talk about the other things in life. How are you doing? What can we do to help you? And knowing that an officer even back in the 90s, was capable of sitting down and talking with me, helped me believe that I could be a police officer. And not just the way you see on TV but these are the ones that get out and meet and greet and get to know my citizens”, Gatewood said.

The video of Gatewood dancing with the kids is here. Without a doubt Gatewood will be taking further instructions from his young dancing instructor after hearing “your doing it wrong” as he was dancing to the “nae nae” dance!



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