Northern Kentucky University Campus Police Officer Phil Liles helps student mother

Kati Elliott, a College student who is a single working mother struggling to make ends meet, provide for her child and better herself had never really given much thought to the Police until she needed them. Her wallet with all her identification and $240.00 was lost on campus and for her this was a big problem.

She stated that she had lost her wallet and then searched for it on campus. When she found it she was relieved that her documentation was there but devastated to learn that her cash was gone.

Having upcoming bills to pay, not many shifts at work left before getting ready to take a vacation that had been paid for, an upcoming birthday for her child she still had to pay for she was now in trouble. This did not even include the problem of normal expenses such as books for college and other financial responsibilities.

She contacted the Police to report the theft. Officer Phil Liles came to take her report. As she told him about not only the theft but what a burden it placed upon her he also felt bad for her. She stated “He said, ‘You’re just trying to do it all, aren’t you?'” She noted that the Officer teared up as he listened to her story.

The Officer opened his wallet and gave Elliott $240.00 of his own money with the understanding that she would make sure she continued to stay in school and show him her grades at the end of the semester and that she would pay him back by December. Which she promised several times that she would.

Elliott made a video of her encounter shortly after meeting Liles stating that she had seen media reports of good cops and bad cops and never thought much about it or that she would be enveloped in it. But now thst she had been as a result of this incident she realized “It goes to show that cops are people, too,” Elliott said. “And compassionate. And understanding. And sympathetic.”

The video has been viewed over 90,000 times so far.

NKU Campus Police Officer Phil Liles
NKU Campus Police Officer Phil Liles



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