West Virginia State Police are Real heroes to a little boy

October 14, 2015 MORGANTOWN, W.Va. Most children follow sports and herald their teams or favorite athletes however recently a young boy who went to a West Virginia University Football game was able to meet figures he saw as real heroes that paled the sports figures in comparison. He was able to meet the West Virginia State Police Officers doing crowd control duties. It gets even better for the little boy who’s mother’s heart “Melted” when she saw what he did upon seeing the Troopers.

Apparently at some point during or after the game spectators were able to get close to the field and young Braedon was able to get close to where the State Police were and he was in awe of the uniformed officers.

“They were lined up at the bottom of the steps and he was so nervous and he stopped and saluted them all. It melted my heart,” his mother, Dreama Crowder Mullins told the Appalachian Magazine . Braedon took his blue and yellow West Virginia football and asked the Troopers if they would autograph it for him.

A photograph was captured of the Troopers signing Braedon’s football in turn for him as a keepsake. But the story has a but of a twist and gets just a little better proving that not all heroes are created equal.

After the Troopers were done signing the young mans football apparently Wendell Smallwood, the home team’s all-star running back passed by and asked Dreama if her son wanted to get his autograph. Braedon’s response, “No, mommy, he isn’t a trooper.”

It is a great tribute to proper parenting showing respect for Law Enforcement Officers that is taught to children, to Law Enforcement Officers who take time out to encourage a child and talk to him in a friendly way and to publications like the Appalachian Magazine who report such things.

West Virginia State Police and Braedon Crowder
West Virginia State Police and Braedon Crowder
Photo Credit: Appalachian Magazine





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