Rogers County, Ok Deputy Sheriff Paul Tucker is a rare individual. One in a million or more.

Rogers County, Ok Deputy Sheriff Paul Tucker knows about sacrifice being a Deputy Sheriff. But news of his latest act goes above and beyond which has little to do with his job yet says so much about his character. Officers tend to do deeds on a regular basis that give of themselves that the public are never aware of but should be and Tucker has jumped the shark with his selfless act of giving of himself in an unheard of way for a total stranger.

Deputy Tucker read on a facebok post about a man who is married and a father of two who needed a kidney transplant. Many of us do read such sad stories on a daily basis. We give these stories a click, maybe make a comment and then move on  down the stream. But Paul Tucker went far beyond that.

The man in need had a rare blood type so Paul messaged the person who posted the original facebook comment and put himself out there and things began moving.  Soon he was being interviewed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville to become a donor for the stranger.

Tucker took the tests locally and was soon told that he matched very well, in fact the match was 1 in 1,000,000.

Tucker was interviewed by Wsb-Tv2 and said: when he found out that he was a ‘six by six’ match it was just the beginning. “They did all kinds of things, EKG, chest x-ray. I had to meet with a social worker, and a psychologist.”  Quite a bit to go through considering he had not even met the man that would be receiving his kidney yet.

It wasn’t until later that Paul Tucker finally met the man who he would be donating his kidney to. “When we landed in Nashville, he picked us up at the airport. That was the first time we ever met.” he told Wsb-Tv2.

It is not surprising that others in the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department are supporting this effort for a man that they never met before either. From the Sheriff himself to the Deputies who work with Tucker. According to Deputy Tucker, Sheriff Scott Walton has been nothing but supportive.

“His words to me was ‘we’re one hundred percent behind you,'” Tucker said, adding that several of his fellow employees have offered to donate time off to him if he needs it so he won’t lose any pay.” he told Wsb-Tv2 He added his reasons for donating his kidney to a man he never met stating.

“Me being a father myself, I would hope and pray that if I was in that situation, someone would do the same for me.”

Which seems to be a pretty common theme among the greatest Officers in America who treat others as they would want their own family treated. Deputy Paul Tucker is certainly living up to that and more.

Rogers County, Ok Deputy Sheriff Paul Tucker
Rogers County, Ok Deputy Sheriff Paul Tucker
Photo Credit: Diana Dickinson, Claremore Daily Progress


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