Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Captain Eifler has a young fan!

Orange County, Fl. Captain Jeff Eifler While stopping in a local Burger King restaurant made contact with a three year old boy and struck up a conversation with him. The Captain bestowed upon the boy a keepsake of a Sheriff’s Office Challenge Coin. The child’s mother thought it was memorable and caught the exchange of her son and the Captain with a photograph and some food for thought.

Later she sent the photo to The Orange County Sheriff’s Department with the following message.

“I want to say thank you to the officer who took a minute of his lunch time to give my son Damien an OCSO coin.  You made his day, he thinks he’s a cop now! Bless you all and thanks again” Ms. Rodriguez 

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website Captain Eifler is a section commander of section VI. This section lies solely within the borders of the Walt Disney properties.

The Captain must have made a pretty good impression on this young boy of three to have made his day and leave such a lasting impression on him to have made the child’s day against such stiff competition in Disney! Although Orange County certainly does do wonderful training of their Officers, they also must appreciate the fact that a persons demeanor has a large part to play when being a true Law Enforcement Officer and connecting with the public every day.

In small and large ways every interaction LEO’s have no matter with who they are, impact our society for good or bad. Yet too often we only see the bad because it is ‘news’. Everyday Officers like Captain Jeff Eifler take a few moments from their day to connect with the communities that they serve and live in to make a positive difference.


Orange County Sheriff's Office Florida Captain Jeff Eifler
Orange County Sheriff’s Office Florida Captain Jeff Eifler
Photo Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Department Facebook Page


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