Fort Myers, Fl. Officer Gil Benitez assists disabled man in severe storm going above and beyond

August 19, 2015 Fort Myers, Fl. At about 8:30 P.M. while on Patrol during a fierce thunder storm Officer Gil Benitez received a call to check a person in distress. He responded to the area known as Bent Creek Loop for a man who was in a wheelchair and was stuck. A strange call indeed. When he arrived he found Michael Arnold indeed stranded in an electric wheelchair with only an umbrella and cell phone stuck in the mud unable to move.

Officer Benitez  immediately exited his Patrol car and the rest of the story was caught on his dash camera. He struggled with Mr. Arnold’s wheel chair to get the man free from his predicament. As the severe thunderstorm and rains continued to crash down upon the two of them Officer Benitez finally was able to pull Arnold from the mud.

The motorized wheelchair had however failed and Arnold was stranded. Benitez  proceeded to wheel Arnold home in the rain and brought him to safety where he then helped the man dry off and waited with him until family members arrived to care for him.

According to WFTV Mr Arnold told Officer Benitez “Sir, I am very grateful for your help. I didn’t even catch your name, but I thank you,” said Arnold.

NBC2 quoted Arnold as saying “There’s not many nice people in the U.S. but you’ll come across one, or two people, or three people, that are saying I’ve got to help, and that’s what they did,” said Arnold.

The officer understated what he did for Arnold with the statement “Any one of us would have done it, I just happened to be there first” said Bonitez.  but he did emphasize how bad the weather conditions were stating “It was raining so hard, I couldn’t even see the stop sign”.

Ft. Myers, Fl Officer Gil Benitez helps stranded Michael Arnold
Ft. Myers, Fl Officer Gil Benitez helps stranded Michael Arnold

Photo Credit: ABC7

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