ORTING, Wa. Officer Phil Taylor Protecting AND Serving “just being a decent person”

October 9, 2015 whole on Routine patrol Officer Phil Taylor was driving down the street toward a fairly busy intersection when he noticed something.  Officer Taylor pulled over into the gravel and got out of his car fairly quick noted an observer named Kyle Butler but Kyle didn’t see What Taylor did until a moment later.

The officer rushed over to a woman who was trying to cross the road. She was 85 year old Joanne Butts who was trying to cross the busy intersection and also happens to be blind.

q13Fox Interviewed both Joanne Butts and Officer Taylor. Butts states that although she may be blind she still has places to go and she doesn’t let her disability hinder her as much as it could. She relies upon her hearing to get around.

When crossing intersections she listens carefully for traffic and waits until there is none and then crosses stating “I’m not going to play chicken with a motor vehicle,”

“I started to take a step out into the crosswalk and just about that time from my left I heard a screech of brakes in gravel that was close to me, so I stopped again,” she said. “That’s when the police officer came up to me and said ‘I’m an Orting police officer and I want to make sure you get across the road safely.'”

Taylor told q13Fox “She looked a little indecisive, a little apprehensive about crossing, She looked like she needed a hand and I was in the right place at the right time.”

Kyle Butler captured the moment with a photograph that several thousand people have viewed on his Facebook account and several hundred have shared. he stated in part:

“Could she have done it on her own? Probably ya. She seemed well coordinated and very able even though she was blind. But regardless, he felt it was his duty to help her. Now, as this does go to show that not all cops are bad or corrupt, it also goes to show that just being a decent person goes much farther then anything else. We wouldn’t so many issues we do if we all just decided to be and act as good human beings. Thank you to this officer for your service, your bravery in those tough times and scary situations, and the simplest of times just helping a woman cross the street!

Orting, Wa.  Officer Phil Taylor escorts  .Joanne Butts across a busy intersection.
Orting, Wa. Officer Phil Taylor escorts .Joanne Butts across a busy intersection.
Photo Credit:Kyle Butler


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