Martial Artist “Joins the fight” for Police Officer Nick Colaneri


A Local Martial Artist joins the fight for Hoosick Falls Police Department Officer Nick Colaneri.  As an update from September 9, 2015 when the WBL reported that a 5 year old little girl named Caidyn Mahan wanted to help Officer Colaneri who has been stricken with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 4 B and set up her own Lemonade stand to give the Officer some cash to help him out. There are others in the community that are joining the fight as well.

Officer Colaneri’s position in Hoosick Falls is Part time and comes with no medical Insurance. Therefore he will have to pay for all his own treatments that will cost about $35,000.00 a piece in the State of Vermont.

Colaneri has a go fund me page that has raised enough to cover one treatment so far.  That will not be enough. According to The Times Union Other people in the area have been collecting and starting drives to raise money. A series of fundraisers and donations raised about $75,000, Colaneri said.

Now a Local Martial Artist named Samuel Romanzo has decided to “Join The Fight” hosting two minute matches with anyone who is willing to donate money toward Nick Colaneri’s treatments. He states on his facebook page in part

we are joining the fight alongside NIck and doing all we can to support him. ”
“Message us to set a time for you, friends, family – any age, and ability level to have a two minute exhibition match with North Point Martial Arts school owner, Samuel Romanzo. The matches can be anything you like: boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, MMA, even just a fun two minutes battling it out with a five year old! All matches will be fun and safe. Not sure you want to have a match? No problem, just sponsor someone who will. For example, 10 people could sponsor one match.
Be sure to set up a time for your match, as the day will fill up fast!”

Open to all comers Romanzo has stated that he understand some people may not have the time or want to actually want to get “on the mats” for this event. But said “it’s okay, just get 5, 6 or 10 people to sponsor one or two people to do it and we will go a round. I am hoping that we have a good turn out for this man.” he added “call your friends and everybody can kick in a few dollars and pick a person who wants to come in and go at any level. I mean I have 5 year old’s I am instructing here as well as adults. We can adjust. It’s all about having a fun day for a great cause!”

As of this writing Nick has under gone his fifth treatment and is still working a lot. His loved ones fear that he is over doing it.  We all know it is the passion for helping people that drives Colaneri to continue to fight. Thankfully others are joining the fight as well.


Hoosick Falls Police Officer Nick Colaneri Fights For his Life
Hoosick Falls Police Officer Nick Colaneri Fights For his Life
Photo Credit Facebook Page: Nick Colaneri Fight
Master Samuel Romanzo "Joins the fight" for Officer Nick Colaneri
Master Samuel Romanzo “Joins the fight” for Officer Nick Colaneri
Photo Credit: NorthPoint Martial Arts


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