Escalon, Ca. Police Officers help the homeless with the clothes off their backs!

October 14, 2015 Good news travels slow, but it does travel. It came to the attention of Chief Mike Borges that on September 26, 2015 what three members of his Department had done with a homeless man who was in need of help.

It started when Officer Robert Hardgraves had found an elderly gentleman named Robert White aged 61 who was wearing shorts, two tee shirts and had a coat but had no shoes. Officer Hardgraves spoke with Mr. White who told him that all his other possessions had been stolen from him and he had nothing else.

Hardgraves brought White to the station with him and immediately gave White his own boots hoping that the man would at least have something to wear on his feet, but they didn’t fit him properly.

Another member of the Department named Reserve Officer Zachary Pelham took the shoes and socks he was wearing right off his own feet and gave them to white. A third member of the Department,  Police Services Manager Sara Cardoso also aided Mr. White. between he three members Mr. White was given food from the employees and personal care items from their lockers.

The Chief of Police recognized the giving nature of his personnel by giving them letters of commendation.

The Escalontimes reported that Chief Borges stated “Mr. White told staff that he has had his “run ins” with the law, but has never had an officer (referring to Hardgraves) be as kind as he was,” the chief said regarding the day’s events. “Mr. White began to cry. He was extremely happy and told the staff that this incident had changed his heart about law enforcement. After resting at the station he left walking to Modesto.”

Escalon Police Department Ca Officer Robert Hardgraves and Robert White
Escalon Police Department Ca Officer Robert Hardgraves and Robert White
Photo Credit: Escalon Times

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