N.J. State Trooper Benjamin Hockin saved the life of a 8 month old baby girl

October 3, 2015 Alexandria, N.J. at about 6:48 a.m. Oct. 3, Kingwood Station Troopers were dispatched to a home where 8 month old Lila Wolfram was not breathing and unresponsive.  Trooper Benjamin Hockin was about 4 miles away when he responded to the call and a family doctor was at the scene when he had arrived. The Trooper found the infant unresponsive to the efforts of CPR being given.

Trooper Hockin being relatively new to the profession having been hired only in February of 2015 did not stop to think about what to do but rather relied on  his training. The incident still being much of a blue to him according to NJ.com who interviewed him regarding the incident.

Hockin stated “She was pale and non responsive and they had no idea why” He then began performing the necessary life saving procedures that he had been taught. He immediately used an automated external defibrillator, which is a device that can automatically diagnose life-threatening heart problems and administer electric shocks to the person it is connected to.

Hockin administered one shock to the child and began CPR on her but realized that one shock was not enough to stimulate her heart. Lila took one gasp and quickly stopped breathing again, so Hockin administered a second charge to stimulate the infants heart and continued with the CPR.

“I had never had to give CPR before, never mind to a little baby.” “Luckily, the EMTs came pretty quick. She was lifeless, and they ran to her to the ambulance, and the paramedics helped her on the way to the hospital,” Hockin told Emily Cummins | For NJ.com

“That was actually really hard for me,” he said. Lila’s siblings asked if their sister was alive, and he told them she was going to be OK. As of Friday, the State Police have not learned the reason for Lila’s medical emergency. “I’m happy I could make a difference and that family is going to keep their little girl,” he said.

“Trooper Hockin’s quick and decisive actions are a credit to him and the New Jersey State Police,” Col. Rick Fuentes, the head of the State Police, said in a statement which appears on the NJ State Police Facebook. “There is nothing more rewarding or meaningful than to save a life. This is a memorable start to a bright and promising career.”

“Any other trooper would have done the same thing, I just got there first,” Hockin’s said. “I consider myself very lucky. I know a lot of friends who have been in situations like this where the patient didn’t survive, and they did everything right. It was a huge relief that she survived.”

Doctors and Emergency Medical technicians have credited Trooper Hockin with saving the child’s life. She was transported to a local hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery however the reason for her distress was not disclosed.

NJ State Trooper Benjamin Hockin Credited with saving the life of 8 month old child
NJ State Trooper Benjamin Hockin Credited with saving the life of 8 month old child
Photo Credit: NJ State Police

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