Denver, Co. Police Officers Smith and Sutton Pay it forward to battered woman and her child

September 26, 2015 Denver, Co. Denver International Airport. While on Patrol Police Officer Ken Smith notices a woman in the Airport who is obviously emotionally distressed and has a 1 year child with her. He makes inquiries with her and finds that she is fleeing from an abusive relationship and barley scraped up enough money to flee to Denver and has now been stranded with no place to turn. The Officer attempts to utilize every resource available at his disposal to assist the woman.

Officer Smith finds out that the woman and 1 year old boy had not eaten in quite some time. He brings them to  the airport terminal and buys them a meal while he continues to work through his department to try and find an agency within his jurisdiction that is capable of assisting the woman with at the least some temporary shelter and necessary accommodations.

Denver International was able to find a shelter that could accommodate one person. Smith took the woman and her child to the shelter but found when he arrived there with the small family that they would only accept the woman but not the baby with her.

Officer Sutton begins assisting Smith in an attempt to find suitable arrangements for the small family since the mother and child obviously could not be separated. Sutton learned that the woman’s mother resided in Southern Colorado and made attempts to have her re-located there where she and the child would be safe and taken car of.

Sutton contacted the local busing company to see if they had any programs available to assist stranded travelers but they did not. After ensuring that the woman’s mother in Southern Colorado would be able to pick up her daughter and grandson in a terminal in Southern Colorado Sutton paid for her transportation himself so the woman and her child would be safe and secure.

Another fine example of American Law Enforcement Officers we don’t read about every day, who go above and beyond their jobs, to help people they don’t know that nobody else would.

Denver Co Officers Smith and Sutton Pay it forward to battered woman and child
Denver Co Officers Smith and Sutton Pay it forward to battered woman and child
Photo Credit: Denver Police Department


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