CLEVELAND, Ohio Officers try to save man after he shoots Officer

October 7, 2105 long awaited video was released by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty exonerating Officers from the Cleveland Police Department from an incident that occurred on March 11, 2015. Officers responded to a residential call of a 64 year old man named Theodore Johnson who was threatening to shoot his wife and landlord. Upon the arrival of Officers the first officer going up the Apartment stairs David Muniz was shot in the chest by Johnson.

Johnson had in fact fired two shots at the Officer one striking the Officer and the second traveled through a window and hit the wall of a home next door according to the Prosecutors Office as reported by

Thankfully Muniz was wearing his ballistic armor and the bullet was stopped from penetrating the vest or it would probably have been a fatal wound.  officers retreated and regrouped downstairs. They reentered the building and Muniz approached Johnson in his apartment.

Johnson who was still armed argued with Officers in the apartment about relinquishing his weapon stating that he wanted to be killed by Officers. The Officers there continued to tell him to put his weapon down. Six officers total were inside the apartment as Officer Muniz pleaded with Johnson to put his gun down telling him that the officers did not want to kill him.

Johnson finally raised his weapon and Officers shot Johnson to end any further violence he may have perpetrated with his acts. The restraint that the officers showed was “remarkable restraint and went above and beyond the call of duty to seek a peaceful conclusion,” according to Prosecutor McGinty wrote. “These Officers are commended for responding with courage and for heroically fulfilling their duty to protect the public.” as reported by 3wkyc

Video and commentary may be viewed at 3wkyc

Raw Video of the encounter may be viewed in two parts

Raw Video Entering the scene

Raw Video 2 WARNING – GRAPHIC – Inside the scene Officers desperately trying to get Johnson to relinquish his weapon.

Theodore Johnson
Theodore Johnson
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While Officers did everything above and beyond the call of duty, one can only wonder what would have been made of the incident had they not been wearing body cameras that made it so clear how desperately they tried to save this mans life while risking their own.




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