Kitsap Bangor base in Silverdale, Wa Pregnant woman stopped for no plates, Officer helps her out and people are happy

An older story from August 2015 when Amby M. Johnson who was traveling through the Military base in Silverdale, Washington while 38 weeks pregnant was pulled over goes viral. Her story while appreciated by so many people is not unusual, but because of the number of surprised people is very noteworthy.

Amby was traveling on the base and having contractions, she drove toward the center of the road to avoid a speed bump so she would not further aggravate the contractions. She was also at the time being followed by a Military Police car.

Soon she noticed the emergency lights activated by the Patrol for her to pull over and she of course did. A female officer approached her and Amby figured she was going to be cited for leaving her lane and that she was wrong for doing that even though she was pregnant so she was expecting a ticket.

Soon another patrol Officer arrived and Amby figured she was going to get more than one ticket. Now putting yourself in this woman’s position her day was not going so well. Contractions, quite a bit of heat going on outside, two cops and 38 weeks pregnant does not make for the greatest of days.

The officers noticed that Amby had expired plates on her vehicle as well. She must have been thinking “great, another ticket” but she explained to the Officers that her husband works in the Navy and that he had been working long hours. He had not been able to get around to putting the plates on the car yet but that she did in fact have them with her. She showed the Officers the plates she had in the back of the vehicle. She explained  that her putting the plates on the vehicle herself in her condition was definitely out of the question.

A few more minutes of calm discussion and she asked the female Officer if she thought the male that had come after the stop would put them on for her?

The Officer said he wouldn’t mind as long as he had the tools. After checking, his vehicle within a couple minutes for the tools he was changing out her registration plates for her.

Amby’s day had gone from a potentially bad day to a pretty good one.

According to reporting from KIRO7 here and here the Officers believed that issuing summonses for the infractions served no purpose. That Amby was better served as was the public at large by simply changing the plates out for her and it was no big deal. Most Officers would.

Amby was very pleased and the officers were happy to help her the Officer who changed the plate was named Jimmy Allen and said “I truly believe that if you’re coming into this line of work it’s because you want to make a difference,” Allen said. “You want to work in your community to make it a better place.”

Allen also said “The key in every stop should be compassion” and  All the people he contacts aren’t always receptive. Some are violent criminals. Some traffic stops come after serious offenses that put lives at risk. But no matter what their demeanor, that person is someone’s brother or mother or sister or uncle or cousin,”

Amby was just happy that her registration was taken care of and commented while Allen was changing it that he was doing a nice thing so she took a photo of the incident and posted it to her facebook account with a thank you and to show that not all interactions with the police are bad.

KIRO7 reports that she told them in an interview:

He was so polite and said yes he just had to make sure he had the right tools. He changed the plates for me and the MP made a statement saying “Officer of the year.” I thought to myself like I should have her take a picture and post this on Facebook.  Today you don’t hear about the officers who actually do good, but I wanted to be one of the people to give credit when it’s due. It went viral so fast and I was so shocked. He deserves it. I just wish people who comment and share the story would stop seeing race or the fact that I said he was sweating his balls off.

It bothers me so bad that majority of the shares have the heading WHITE OFFICER helps BLACK WOMAN. I’m half white and half black. It’s so sickening to read the comments from people sharing and they make comments like “and then he shot her.” Just see the story for what it is. A good officer helping out a woman. No race.

The WBL applauds Amby Johnson’s words and thank her for bringing Officer Allen’s few minutes of compassion to our attention.

Amby M. Johnson and her husband, Tremayne Johnson.
Amby M. Johnson and her husband, Tremayne Johnson.
Officer Jim Allen changes the registration of Amby Johnson
Officer Jim Allen changes the registration of Amby Johnson
Photos Credit Kiro7

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