Black Diamond, Wa. Officers and community help victim of domestic violence

October 7, 2015 Black Diamond, Wa. Sgts. Brian Lynch and Brian Martinez responded to a domestic disturbance where the victim had been assaulted with a knife. The suspect had left the scene and the victim was left without any money, possessions or a place to go. The local shelters that help people like this victim were full to capacity and unable to assist. These two Sergeants were not satisfied just doing their job trying to help, they went above and beyond paying it forward.

After trying unsuccessfully to find the victim a place to stay for the evening after being assaulted they called the Cedar Inn in Enumclaw and explained the situation to them. The two officers wanted to ensure that the victim had a secure place to recover from the traumatic event of being assaulted.

According to the Maplevalleyreporter Sgt. Martinez said the Inn was gracious and comped half of the price for a night and the officers paid for the remainder.

In law enforcement every day, Martinez said, events like this happen. “The 99.9 percent of officers that hold this profession truly care about the people in their communities and want to make a positiveimpact,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is the less than .01 percent that tarnish the badge with bad behavior and make the rest of lawenforcement look bad.” He said Lynch and himself were “blessed to have the opportunity to help this victim and it was the efforts of two communities comingtogether to help somebody in need.”

However, Maritnez said the Cedar Inn deserves a lot of the recognition “for their generosity and willingness to help a person in need.”

Black Diamond Police Chief Jamey Kiblinger was interviewed by the Maplevalleyreporter as well who stated “I can tell you that as the chief this is the stuff that makes you most proud,” Kiblinger said. “It’s what our officers do when nobody is looking that you can see their character and selflessness.”

The suspect of the assault was apprehended in another jurisdiction with the help of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Black Diamond Sgt Brian Martinez and Sgt Brian Lynch image credit Courtesy Photo
Black Diamond Sgt Brian Martinez and Sgt Brian Lynch image credit Courtesy Photo
Photo Source: Maple Valley Reporter

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