Lakeport, Ca. Police Officer Joseph Eastham investigates a complaint, helps fix the problem and then some!

September 10, 2015 Lakeport, Ca. Police Department Officer Joseph Eastham was dispatched to investigate a criminal mischief complaint that occurred to a vehicle where the suspect had been known to the victim. The victims tire had been slashed. After taking the required information from the victim, the Officer paid it forward and changed the tire for the victim of the car because she didn’t know how to do it. But the story goes beyond this as well.

Once Officer Eastham had removed the slashed tire and replaced it with a spare from the victims trunk he found that the original lug nuts did not fit the vehicle properly. He left the vehicle and victim there and went to a local auto parts store and purchased the proper lug nuts with his own money. He then returned to the victim and her vehicle and finished securing the spare tire properly to the vehicle.

While Officers, Highway Patrol and Troopers are often found changing tires for people that have never changed one for themselves Officer Eastham went beyond to ensure that the victim of the complaint was safe by getting the proper lug nuts and paying for them himself. Not many people would go to such legnths for other people that they do not know.

Officer Eastham shows a fine example of the type of qualities many Officers display every day. Thankfully his small Department of just 13 sworn members took  the time to recognize him on their facebook page.

Lakeport, Ca. Police Officer Joseph Eastham
Lakeport, Ca. Police Officer Joseph Eastham
Photo Credit: Lakeport, Ca. Police Department

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