Fountain, Co. Child misses the school bus but Officer Klinge makes sure that he arrives with a Police escort!

October 1, 2015 Fountain, Co. If you are a small child going to school unable to even tie your own shoes and you miss the bus going to school the worry on your mind is extraordinary.  Thankfully there are people who care enough to help and they are people like Officer Klinge of the Fountain, Co. Police Department.

On October 1 that is just what happened, a young boy was late getting to his bus stop and missed his connection getting to school. Thankfully Officer Klinge saw him and gave him a ride in his Police Cruiser to school. He delivered the child safely to school and dropped him right off behind the bus.

The incident was witnessed by a person who took a quick snapshot of it without ever knowing either the child or Officer. She saw the Officer even tying the child’s shoes showing that the Officer was making sure that the child was prepared and ready for school caring for him as he would his own child.

The photo was sent toKRDO NewsChannel 13 / with a note of praise for the Officers actions and received a number of likes and then gained quite a few shares  it stated:

“This morning I was waiting to follow my daughters school bus to attend a field trip at the Venetucci farm, my daughter attends Sunrise Elementary. While I was waiting this police officer pulled up, got out of his car to help this little boy out. I believe he missed his bus and this police officer picked him up, drove him to school, helped him out of the car, then bent down to tie his shoes then walked him in. I had to capture this moment, especially with all the negativity with police officers going around. How amazing is this to see? I didn’t get this officers name, but I felt I needed to share so the world can see that not all police officers are bad.”

The Fountain Police Department found out about it and posted on  their Facebook Page:

More positive news. Officer Klinge was awarded officer of the year just recently. He goes above and beyond on a daily basis. The little boy missed his bus, Klinge gave him a ride and tied his shoe for him on the way into school. -Jenn

Fountain, Co. Officer Klinge drives child to school and ties his shoes. Photo Credit: KRDO NewsChannel 13
Fountain, Co. Officer Klinge drives child to school and ties his shoes.
Photo Credit: KRDO NewsChannel 13




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