DEKALB, Il Officer Jonathan Jursich helps HS girls theft turn into a great night after all

September 28, 2015 DEKALB, Ill. a High School Freshman named Anaiah Rollins had been preparing to go to a High School homecoming dance. She had bought a new dress and done some other errands. When she returned home she opened her bag to find that her Dress had been stolen. She called the Police to report the theft. Officer Jursih came and took the report but wasn’t happy just doing  that.

he contacted his female Sergeant and she made some suggestions. Jursich not having any daughters of his own took the young lady to a local dress shop where she was able to get anew dress for her homecoming. A shopper at the store added a coupon so she could get a new pair of earrings to go with it and Jursich gave her a ride to the dance in his patrol car.

According to WLS Jursich said “She was in a predicament and I wanted to help her out. I just couldn’t just leave her there with a police report and say ‘have a nice night,’ he added “She was all smiles, just a sweetheart. Very, very sweet girl,”

“I want to thank officer Jursich again, and Maurice’s, and everyone that helped my daughter have the best possible experience that she could that day, and she’ll never forget it,” said Tammy Rollins, Anaiah’s mother.

DeKalb Police Department Officer Jursich, Anaiah Rollins,
DeKalb Police Department Officer Jursich, Anaiah Rollins
Photo Credit: DeKalb IL Police Department

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