Harris County, Tx. Deputies caught on film but not doing what was expected

September 28,2105 Harris County, Tx. A motorist who was sitting in his car saw two officers approach a man who was asking people for money in the street. Believing he would be witnessing them give the man a ticket at the least he video taped the encounter without their knowledge. What he captured on video he never expected.

Khou.com shows the released video of the incident and spoke with deputy Felix Barrigan who said “When we approached him, he was crying from the get go, I think he thought he was in trouble.”

Deputies can be seen interviewing the man on the street who apparently said he needed $49.00 for a bus ticket to get back  to Seattle to be reunited with his family.

The Deputies were sympathetic to the mans cause. After a moment Deputy Barrigan is seen walking to his Patrol Car then returning to the man and handing him money. The man is visibly elated and hugs both Deputies.

Barrigan had handed the man $100.00 to ensure that he was able to return  to Seattle to be with his family.

“I told him to go ahead and get your bus ticket,” said Barrigan. “You could tell in his face the emotion quickly changed to tears of joy.” “He wouldn’t stop hugging me,” as Barrigan was quoted by Khou. “It’s something everybody should do. Everybody who has a heart should at least try to do something like that in their life at least once. I’m sure I made a difference in his life.”

Deputies did not know that they had been video taped until the story was sent to their department and media outlets and they were questioned about it though.

They had just performed a random act of kindness for a fellow human being. “I’ve been through tough times, we’ve all been through it in life,” said Barrigan. “That was his time and he just needed some help.”


Harris County Deputies, Texas - Photo Credit KHOU
Harris County Deputies, Texas – Photo Credit KHOU

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