Freeport, Il. Police Officer Matt Anderson saves Elderly Rock City couple

September 25, 2105 While driving home A Freeport Il. Police officer heard there was a fire in progress that was near him. He checked his position with his GPS and responded since he was close to the incident. Upon his arrival he found that there were elderly people trying to get out of the burning building but were having difficulty.

Officer Matt Anderson a K-9 handler for Freeport Police department said that he arrived and saw an elderly woman stumble and she fall. Anderson was able to help the woman and man escape the blaze of the home and while the house was a total loss the two people escaped with their lives thanks to his efforts.

The house fire was battled by local firefighters for about three hours before it was consumed by flames. Due to issues with ammunition being inside firefighters made the decision not to enter to fight the blaze from within fearing secondary explosions from the ammunition heating and exploding.

Officer Anderson stated to JournalsStandard.Com that although Donald Woodruff and his wife had lost their possessions he was happy that they had escaped the home without significant injury.


Freeport Police officer Matt Anderson
Freeport Police officer Matt Anderson

Photo Credit: JournalStandard


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