Jackson, Ms. Sgt. William Bright Stays with man dying in flames

September 21, 2015 Jackson, Ms. Police Officers respond to and investigate vehicle accidents everyday. Sometimes they are very dangerous scenes still unfolding as was  the case on I-20 on this day when a motorist 37-year-old Anthony Boone was trapped in his vehicle and it was on fire. Officers did all that they could to put out the fire and release Boone from the vehicle to no avail. The fire spread and was consuming the vehicle with Boone in it threatening all around but Sgt. Bright was not about to let Boone die alone and afraid.

Sergeant Bright had responded to  the scene along with other officers who used approximately 8 -10 fire extinguishers in an attempt to put the flames out on Boone’s vehicle. But the flames continued to grow around the mans body from the engine compartment. Bright told KXAN news “We went through probably 8 to 10 fire extinguishers. I kept spraying them on the dash and his leg area, but the heat, it was so hot. The fire just wouldn’t go out,”

At one point the flames grew above the heads of people who were trying to save Boone. Officers abandoned hope of saving the driver when it became apparent that the vehicle was to be consumed by fire despite all their efforts.

In perhaps one of the most selfless acts imaginable Sgt. Bright faced his own demise and went to the vehicle to be with Boone so he would not die alone in the fire.

“Of course I’m speaking to the good Lord. I got there on my knees. I grabbed his hand and he grabbed mine. We were just squeezing hands together.” Bright told KXAN . “I think the good lord knows that I tried everything that I was humanly able to do,”

Sgt. Bright prayed with Boone and held his hand until Boone expired. While the act is indeed inspired and heroic Bright doesn’t consider it so he said “I had never met that man before. I didn’t even know him, but he was a human being. So it was my job to do what I did,”

The Sergeant hoped that Boone’s family understood what happened and that he had done all he could to save him during the accident. He also offered himself to be available to any of them should they want to discuss the accident or Boone’s final moments.

Sergeant William Bright Jackson Miss
Sergeant William Bright Jackson, Ms.

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  1. An example of the “GOOD POLICE OFFICER’S” in our country. God Bless you for what you did. I always said that for everything bad that happened, there was something good you could do for someone.

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