HUNTERSVILLE, N.C Officer Thomas Bautista helps mother in need

September 21, 2015 Huntersville, N.C. Kat Hartman was struggling financially. She had just sold her child’s car seat to put gas in her vehicle. Not even having enough money to buy her child chocolate milk at the 7 Eleven she was having a bad day. As she was filling her gas tank with the $6.00 she had left she thought her day was about to get much worse as an Officer walked yup to her vehicle. She was wrong.

Officer Thomas Bautista walked up to Kat and said “‘I saw you were paying in change and only put a small amount in your car,’” Hartman recalled Bautista saying to her. “‘I told myself I was going to do something good for someone else today, so I’m going to fill up your tank.’” I immediately started balling my eyes out.  Kat Hartman wrote on her Facebook Page.

She hoped that the photograph of herself and the Officer would get back to him through social media. She added in caps

Local media outlets were fast to pick up on the story and interview her on camera. and aired an interview with Hartman who said that she hopes to pay the act of kindness forward to someone else as soon as she is able.
The Charlotte Observer spoke with Bautista’s supervisor who complemented the Officer for his continuous service. Huntersville police Capt. Scott Sharp said “He’s just one of those guys who goes out of his way to help people.”
Bautista has been with the Department since 2007 and was assigned as a School Resource Officer. While there Capt. Sharp was impressed with the connection that Bautista had made with the students noting that they would walk up to him one after another and shake his hand and say hello to him.
Recently Bautista  has been assigned as a K-9 handler for the department. Prior to joining the Department Bautista worked for the Salisbury Police Department.
The photograph and post that Kat Hartman made on her Facebook Page has had over 16,000 shares and 35,000 likes to date. Many commenters state that they have been recipients of the good will expressed by Officer Bautista as well.
Comments like: “He is such a cool officer, back in the birkdale days he would hangout with us for hours“,
“I remember him from north too and when I worked at Fox’s pizza. He is a great guy.
He’s actually a really cool dude I remember him from north
My favorite nmhs resource officer!
This cop has been super nice to me as well in the past. He more than deserves his title as an officer.
Kat Hartman and Huntersville police Officer Thomas Bautista
Kat Hartman and Huntersville police Officer Thomas Bautista
Credit: Kat Hartman

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