Rome, NY Poloce Officer Kelly Lupinski helps a family in need

September 17, 2015 A woman named Heather Rogers wanted to share a story regarding Officer Lupinski of the Rome Police Department in light of all the bad publicity that Officers have been given so she posted her story to her facebook page.

The Rogers family had a child and was expecting twins. Suffering financial difficulties they contacted the local Police Department to see if they could take advantage of any programs for child restraint seats that may be available.

An Officer contacted her back and told her that the grants would not be available until October,however she would be put on a list to receive assistance at that time.

Tragically the Rogers suffered a miscarriage of both twins and no longer needed the car seats. They contacted the same officer back and told her that they no longer needed two additional car seats and that they would save enough money to buy one car seat eventually.

Shortly after that Officer Lupinski got back in touch with Rogers and made an appointment for her to come to the Police station to get a new car seat for their child.

The grants had not come in however Lupinski a mother herself had gone out and purchased a new car seat for the family with of her own money out of concern for the family.

Rogers went to the Police Station and Lupinski installed the car seat in full uniform despite the difficult instillation and excessive heat. During the difficult instillation she never complained, she just focused on the task of completing the mission to help this family herself.

Rogers stated “Even after the seat was installed, and her job was done. I’ve still received messages making sure my family is doing okay. šŸ’™
“she is absolutely amazing.”


Rome, NY Officer Lupinksi  helps the Rogers family
Rome, NY Officer Lupinksi helps the Rogers family
Photo Credit: Heather Rogers



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