HAMPTON, Va. Officer helps stranded mother and child return home.

September 10,2015 Hampton, V. Officer Granison was reported to his agency for his conduct. It was something that nobody at the Station had known about until they reviewed his body camera.

Hampton Police received a letter of thanks from a woman who had been displaced and received help from Officer Granison although he had told nobody about the incident.

After reviewing his body camera it became clear what had happened.

Officer Granison had gotten a woman and her two children who were now homeless apparently due to a break up or domestic dispute to a local busĀ  station.

He had received a call to assist her at a local library. He managed to arrange transportation for her since she had none.

Clearly very worried about how she would get back to Georgia to her parents without any money or food for the children Officer Granison went one step further.

He and two other residents pooled some money to get necessities for the woman and children’s trip back to her parents and paid for the bus fare that she did not have.

The Hampton Police or Community would never have been the wiser if left up to Officer Granison who never told how he had gone to such lengths to make sure that the woman was safe, secure and on her way back home.

It was only when they received a letter of thanks for his compassion that they knew what he had done.

They posted the video of his body camera with a written narration on their facebook page which has received little attention.

10Wavy.com (WAVY) did pick up on the story and shared the video.

Hampton Va Officer Granison helps mother and children
Hampton Va Officer Granison helps mother and children

Photo Credit: 10Wavy.com

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