South Carolina State Patrolman Adam Klimek provides real roadside assistance to Autistic boy

September 18, 2015 South Carolina – being a stranded motorist can be harrowing. It can be even more daunting when you are a mother alone with an autistic child, especially for the child. Thankfully Highway Patrol Officer Adam Klimek was the person who responded in this time of need.

Charvia Watkis and her son Jeriah were traveling on highway 170 in South Carolina which is under construction at the current time and in disarray. The vehicle that they were traveling in broke down on the highway and Jeriah was considerably uncomfortable because of his autism with passing vehicles and the environment being somewhat stressful for him.

He believed that the situation was about to become much worse when he saw the emergency lights of a State Patrol vehicle activated behind them and he told his mother “I think we’re in trouble” she recalled for

While Ms. Watkis may have understood hat they were not in any trouble, convincing her son of that may not have been so easy. especially with all the distractions of vehicles passing by that were upsetting him.

Patrol Officer Kilmek arrived and spoke with Watkis and saw that her son Jeriah was having difficulty, noticing that the boy had even put on earmuffs to help cut down on the sound that was disturbing him so much.

He invited both mother and son back to his patrol car where there was an air conditioned environment and less noise so that Watkis could begin to make arrangements for her vehicle as well as for herself and son. As she did so Officer Watkis provided necessary distractions for Jeriah.

Officer Klimek engaged young Jeriah in some discussions about what the boy liked and found that he enjoyed playing with his IPad and watching movies on it. Klimek immediately pulled out his own laptop computer and logged into his own Netflix account and let the young man select one of his favorite movies to watch.

This keep Jeriah occupied so his mother could concentrate on phone calls to get their situation straightened out while the Officer was able to provide the attention that Jeriah would need to keep his mind on the movie rather than their situation. wrote: Watkis says she will never forget the kindness shown to her and her son. “I just want to tell him thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts, and we really appreciate you.”

As for Officer Kilimek, he made a very profound statement that is the entire basis for what makes a good police officer great he said “I really don’t think I went above and beyond, I treated them like I hope my family would be treated if they were on the side of the road,”

S.C. Patrol Officer Kilmek and Jeriah share a moment.
S.C. Patrol Officer Kilmek and Jeriah share a moment.

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