Bloomington, Ind. Officer Jeff Alwine helps the homeless

September 18, 2015 Bloomington, Ind. Bloomington Police Department’s Officer Jeff Alwine who is assigned to the Departments Downtown Resource Unit was able to assist an unfortunate homeless man who was in distress.

While on his assigned Patrol of the Downtown district Officer Alwine came upon a homeless man who was apparently in some form of distress and was unable to find his shoes. Officer Alwine sat, talked and spent some time with the individual. Located his shoes and reunited him with his family.

Alwine also was able to provide the man and his family with additional resources available from treatment providers.

There are six Officers assigned to the Downtown Resource Unit in Bloomington that help with the homeless and stranded persons who frequent that district providing them with available resources, time and most of all compassion.

A photo of Officer Alwine during his encounter was posted to the Bloomington Police Facebook Page

Bloomington Police Department -  Officer Jeff Alwine
Bloomington Police Department –
Officer Jeff Alwine
Photo Credit: Bloomington Police Department

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