North Little Rock Ak. Officer Tommy Norman sets the bar for community policing

North Little Rock, Ak. Police Officer Tommy Norman has recently become a national sensation for something he has done his entire career. He has been a Police Officer that is part of the community he serves and protects every day. He became a national news headline when a Rapper named “Killer Mike” brought his actions to the attention to a CNN interviewer recently.

CNN aired a several minute interview featuring “Killer Mike” and Officer Norman and interviewed both of them dispelling many false narratives about Police Officers.

There is a lot of information for Officers and citizens to take away from the interview and perhaps to set a bar between each other to form new bonds in their community.  As “Killer Mike” said “He is doing it right”. Indeed he is..

Officer Norman has been working in North Little Rock where there are very heavy pockets of crime rates, but he is left undeterred in his goal of interacting with the community on a one to one basis everyday that he can. From knowing the children at the bus stops to them at the community centers, allowing them to sit in his patrol car he dances with them, plays basket ball with them and mentors them. He stops by their homes and talks, checks on them and does it day in and day out, making himself not only visible but a valued member of their community.

Officer Norman has built trust from one generation to the next as is displayed by a woman named Barbara Johnson. “I met officer Norman 14 years ago off of 16th and Sycamore. I was having problems out of one of my children, and he came in and kind of talked to them and guided them and ever since then he’s kind of been in my life.”

Tommy Norman now can be seen visiting with Johnsons grandchildren and she is happy about that knowing that he is there for them and truly interested in their well being.  This is the best example of trust and good relationships that are formed when Officers become part of the community that they serve.

Officer Norman posts photographs and videos of his encounters all over social media platforms no doubt so that the kids can follow him and have social interactions with each other as well.

Recently a video of Officer Norman dancing at a school bus stop with the kids went viral in a few short hours. It can be viewed here.

Video of Officer Norman dancing with kids

The CNN interview can be viewed here

Officer Norman’s Social media Page can be found here Instagram Tnorman23

North Little Rock officer Tommy Norman with some kids from the neighborhood he serves
North Little Rock officer Tommy Norman with some kids from the neighborhood he serves


Photo Credit; Tnorman23


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