LAPD Gang Enforcement Leader becomes Fairy Godmother and makes a wish come true.

Los Angeles, California Police Sgt. Janet Kim is the LAPD’s Central Division’s Gang Enforcement supervisor and was hosting a community event in July when she had the chance to encounter a mother and daughter in distress. Her curiosity and inquiries led her to find that the mother was suffering from cancer and the daughter had cerebral palsy.

Sgt. Kim wanted to help any way she could. The 14 year old Jazmine Delgado and her family were about to experience dreams realized through the most unlikely of people.


It began when Sgt. Kim had seen Jazmine’s mother Beatrice “holding on to Jazmine tightly, walking labored,” Kim told Fox News Latino recently. “I asked a volunteer who they were, and I got the background on them – mom and dad were undocumented. The mother was fighting cancer, and the little girl has cerebral palsy.” She told Fox News Latino.

Sgt. Kim who also has a family member who is stricken with the disease of cerebral palsy was of course touched and wanted to help the family. So she got some assistance from fellow officers and they went to the home of the Delgados and found them to be very humble people.

Of course there was apprehension by the Delgado family at having Officers in their home but after they realized that the officers only wanted to help them they confided their wishes and the officers from the LAPD did their best to help.

Beatrice Delgado had already suffered from cancer once and had beaten it, yet after her ovarian cancer had gone into remission she was later diagnosed with brain cancer. Her prognosis was very grim and doctors were not able to give her any treatments this time that would save her. Rather they were giving her medications that would make her pain more bearable while she waited for the inevitable.

Beatrice had outlived the doctors expectations and prognosis and Sgt. Kim asked her what was her driving force. Her reply was that she wanted to see her daughters 15th birthday celebration which is known as a quinceañera in Mexico. A very special coming of age for a young lady.

Although Sgt. Kim knew nothing of quinceañera’s she would learn fast and make sure that Beatrice would see Jazmine celebrate hers.

Sgt. Kim had originally intended to throw a small party in the local recreation center with the approval of her commanders from LAPD which she received. However she learned that in Latin America the quinceañera was much more than a normal birthday party. It was a true coming of age for a young lady.

Once the news that she was engaging in throwing a quinceañera for Jazmine and the courage of Beatrice the community as well as other officers from the LAPD began to offer to help.

“Fashion stores called and said if they needed a dress or suits they would help. One person said we could use their party hall,” Kim recalled. “I didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm. When they heard it was to make a dying woman’s wish come true, they wanted to help.”

On August 22, the celebration of Jazmine’s quinceañera took place, although it was earlier than her true birthday of November 26. It was none the less spectacular.

“It was more than I pictured, more than the Delgados imagined,” Kim said. “I don’t have the words to describe the whole experience.”

Over 200 people attended the event including one of Jazmine’s uncles from Mexico. The guests other than family were Officers, people who donated items from the hall, Jazmine’s Dress and other items right down to the traditional tiara.

“Beatrice told me that [the guests] were more like family because they cared to be a part of it all,” Kim said. “She told me the day before, ‘I’m not going to take my medication. I don’t want to miss it. I want to remember it.’”

Luis Delgado who is Jazmine’s father said he “could not be more happy and thankful toward the police officers who came together for his family. My daughter and my wife are delighted that they made their wish come true,”

Sadly, not all stories come with a happy ending. Beatrice’s health has not improved and has gotten worse. She and Jazmine will be returning to Mexico so she can spend her final days with her own mother before she passes.

Sgt. Kim however will still remain attached to the family. Sgt. Kim was asked to be Jasmine’s Godmother and it is a position that is very important to the Delgado family as well as Sgt. Kim who said:

“I am not Catholic, but I know enough that this is a big deal. I am going to take care of Jazmine,” she said. “I will always be there for this family. This is not a one-time thing for any of us.”

Jazmine Delgado with Sgt. Kim and members of LAPD celebrating
Jazmine Delgado with Sgt. Kim and members of LAPD celebrating
Jazmine Delgado with Mother Beatrice, Father Luis
Jazmine Delgado with Mother Beatrice, Father Luis
Jazmine Delgado with Mother Beatrice, Father Luis, Sgt. Kim and members of LAPD for her quinceañera
Jazmine Delgado with Mother Beatrice, Father Luis, Sgt. Kim and members of LAPD for her quinceañera
Photo’s Credit: Fox News Latino



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