DeSoto, Texas Officer Jay helps a little girl .. go fly a kite

September 14, 2015 DeSoto, Texas Officer Jay on routine patrol noticed a young girl having some difficulty while playing in her neighborhood.  She apparently watched for a while and decided that she would see if she could lend a hand. The moments were captured on video.

The little girl was attempting to fly a kite and having no luck in doing so. Officer Jay got out of her patrol car and tried to get the kite airborne herself running down the street. Not a very easy feat considering she was probably wearing a vest and all her duty gear. Yet she persisted and asked the child to hold the kite as she got a running start.

Together as a team  the two of  them got the kite in the air within a minute or two. has a video and a very short story regarding the incident and the DeSoto facebook page has a short shout out to the Officer on their Social Media Page about it.

Yet there is something deeper than a kit flying interlude here for Officer Jay and the young girl. This is community Policing that happens daily across America. It may not be what others consider news worthy or have the sexy appeal that major media is looking for. But to any Officers that read this know, it is what matters to the people who are having trouble flying that kite.

It is that moment when Officers meet the young child and have any connection that is positive that lasts. That child would never have remembered going outside and flying a kite in 10 years, but she will remember that a Police Officer helped her now in flying that kite. The whole experience just became memorable for not only the child but the Officer as well.

As a team the two of them did something that both will remember. maybe it didn’t make headline news, but Police officers do everything that they do every day without making headlines. Just one small thing for another person, because you can, when you can makes all the difference in our communities.

Make that Thin Blue Line Wider … go fly a kite!


DeSoto, Texas Officer Jay Flying a Kite
DeSoto, Texas Officer Jay Flying a Kite
Photo Credit: Fox4

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