Houston Police Officers photo gone viral .. some people don’t get it.

In August a woman by the name of Jill Becker Bays posted a cute picture of three Huston Police officers sitting in a local restaurant called Whataburger. One of the Officers was tying a child’s shoe for him at the table. The photo went viral which she never expected to happen.  Naturally there were comments from every side and the story itself was perhaps never understood by anyone unless you have been there yourself.

The photograph was sent on to Huston Police Department where they shared it on their facebook page as well.

Many comments were made, including some that should never have appeared. One shows the complete lack of understanding of some people.

First, please read the original post of Jill Becker Bays:

“With all the negative attention that our police are receiving lately, I wanted to share something I captured recently at a Whataburger. This sweet little boy was really excited to chat with the police officers having lunch. He came over to talk at least a half dozen times and each time the officers would engage the boy in a cute conversation. At one point one of the officers pointed out that the boy’s shoe was untied. He slapped his knee, asking the boy to put his shoe on it so that the officer could tie the laces. I took this picture because it was a small gesture of service but it meant the world to a young boy. Way to go, Houston Police Department!”

HPD a small gesture of service
HPD a small gesture of service

Photo Credit Jill Becker Bays

Some people made statements like “Yes because tying a kids shoe is so awesome. it’s sad that they really don’t have to do A THING and get praise. Everyone in this picture is wondering what the lady taking the photo thinks is so awesome about the moment. NEWSFLASH…this is what ADULTS are supposed to do…even bums on the street…I get that we need to show good stories, but this is a SERIOUS stretch.

Apparently some people have never had the great displeasure of having a child try to talk to them and then had that child’s parents say “Don’t talk to them, they are bad people” or actually kick their child in the pants for talking or just waving to an officer in a parade.

Some people have never seen a child be annoying to adults during meals before and adults scold a child for it, while these adults did the very opposite. They took time from their meal and carried on cute conversations with him.

Apparently some people have never been the one that are pointed at by adults who tell heir children, if you don’t stop that or you misbehave I am going to have that Officer take you to jail! Making the child fearful of Police Officers forever.

One post about the photo was even “even the people in the photo are wondering what’s so photography worthy.

I highly doubt that any officer wouldn’t be proud to have that photo in their scrapbook of memorable experiences of life, because it is the little things that make the job itself worth going to do everyday. It certainly is not dealing with the people who hate you just for trying to be there when nobody else wants to.

Officer’s who take time to talk with children, build some community ties with them, be friends with them IS noteworthy and needs to be shared. Officers do this everyday and our public apparently don’t understand this because all that they see is negative stories.

Was it a heroic action? No, But did it mean a lot to the young boy? Yes it did. Will it be the best conversation that those Officers have in perhaps a month? I am willing to bet that it is. Yet that is something that some people will never understand.

What do you think?


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