Louisville Officer and 8 year old boy work together, the officer gets a surprise and so does the boy

LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) Officer Michael Leek with the Louisville Metro Police Department was handling a call when he met 8 year old Clarence who helped the Officer search for some lost keys. During the 30 minutes of searching the two struck up a conversation and became fast friends. During the conversation Officer leek noticed that The boys bicycle was in great disrepair and young Clarence told him that it was left out in the rain often and in bad shape. That his other bike had been stolen and this was the best he could get.

Soon after, Officer leek saw Clarence again without his bike and asked where his bike was, Clarence replied it had been stolen.”I saw him again, and I said, Hey where’s your bike at? And he said someone stole it, and I said man I’m sorry to hear that and he said, it’s OK they probably needed it more than I do.”. It was his attitude that caught the officer by surprise.

Two weeks later Officer leek would catch Clarence by surprise when he appeared at his home with a new bicycle.

“I went to the back of my police car and opened it up and there was his brand new bike, and his eyes, I mean, they were just huge, they were massive,” Leek told WHAS11ABC.

Amid tears of joy streaming down her face hugging Officer Leek, Clarence’s mother Dona Orr said “He deserves this, and you came through and I thank you for putting a smile on my son’s face,”

She also added that Clarence has acted like a different person in the way he handles his responsibility with this third bike. He locks it up and won’t even allow his friends to seethe combination on it. If friends ask to borrow his bike he says firmly “No! My friend gave this to me!”

“He is definitely going to go on to bigger and better things with his outlook on everything” Leek said.


LMPD Officer Leek and Dona Orr
LMPD Officer Leek and Dona Orr
LMPD Officer Leek & Clarence
LMPD Officer Leek & Clarence
Photos Credit WHAS11



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