Happy Birthday Bryson!

When a 10 year old boy has a birthday and has but one wish you try to see that it comes true. 10 year old Bryson Jones who’s father Officer Brian Jones was murdered on duty in May of 2014 only asked for one thing, for some Police Officers to show up and celebrate his birthday with him.

Bryson’s mother used the power of social media just a couple days before his birthday and put out the simple message that she would like it of a couple Officers could stop by to wish Bryson a happy birthday so he would not feel so alone without his father.

She had planned on having a small gathering of about 15 kids at a local center where the kids could play, have some cake and have an eventful afternoon. What she hoped was that a handful of officers would stop in as time permitted and wish her son a happy birthday.

What she did not expect however was for Officers from across the state to start showing up one by one. Nor did she expect the out pouring of support from across the country she has received for Bryson from officers.

Photographs and videos form different Cities, Town’s Villages and states have come in, sometimes a single officer posting a personal message, sometimes a group photo with 2o or more officers standing in front of helicopters, the Capitol, or a sign stating where they are from. Videos from roll call rooms with dozens of officers getting ready to start midnight shifts waving shouting out celebratory greetings, to singular videos of officers from their patrol cars all to make this one very special young boy know he is never going to be alone.

Happy Birthday Bryson!


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