5 Year Old Girl helps out 25 year old Police Officer in his battle

Delmar, NY Caidyn Mahan who is 5 years old heard about Officer Nick Colaneri of the Hoosick Falls Police department’s battle with cancer from her parents. The little girl decided she wanted to help and help she did.

Colameri is a part time officer at his department and in a few weeks will no longer have any health insurance when he turns age 26.  That means that the cost of all his treatments and medications falls to him alone. So Caidyn did what she could and opened a lemonade stand to raise money for the Officer and help him.

“Police always help people and I thought it would be cool to help a police,” Caidyn tyold CBS6
Caidyn’s father is a Poloce officer in another Department however she has never met Colaneri herself. Colaneri told CBS6 news “this kid is adorable’ ‘I mean “‘police officers help us, I want to help a police officer,” ‘ I’m a total stranger to her, not even a police officer around her,”
He added that he can’t wait to meet her to thank her.
If you would like to help Officer Colaneri his gofundme page can be found here
Caidyn Mahan Lemonade Stand
Caidyn Mahan Lemonade Stand
Photo Credit CBS6

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