Tenn. Trooper Conatser turns traumatic event into memorable meeting

On Sunday August 30, 2015 a Child named Izaiah Pemberton Aged 7  was injured in a head on collision in Tenn. along with his father and grandmother. The child was naturally panic stricken but not for long. Upon seeing Tenn. Trooper Richard Conatser his panic seemed to calm and his fears subsided. “it was as if he knew me” Said Trooper Conaster.

Conaster’s presence did indeed have a calming influence on Isiah who has an affinity toward Police Officers and the Trooper did all he could to keep the youngster calm while his father and Grandmother were taken care of.

The Trooper even went to the hospital to visit with the child and again on September 1, 2015 to visit with the child at his home to present him with his very own Troopers Stetson.

Local8now.com was there to witness the event as Conatser pulled up in his State Police car then walked up to the boys home, the child screamed with delight at the sight of the Troopers approach.

They photographed the memorable presentation of Conaster giving Izaiah his very own Troopers hat and they posed for a picture talking about perhaps someday working together someday as Iziah’s mother watched on. Iziah also sat in the Police car as he was memorized by the siren and instruments available to  the Troopers.

Two film clips are available on ocal8now of  the event showing Iziah playing happily with handcuffs and even handcuffing the reporter at one point. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the bond that was being built between this child and the State Police Officer. But no one enjoyed it more than the child who could have remembered a horrific accident, but instead will remember the day he met a man who may change his life for the better and inspire him Tenn. Trooper Richard Conatser.

After crash, state trooper and Seymour 7-year-old become best friends_2015-09-03_23-26-49
Head On Collision of Izaiah Pemberton
Tenn. Trooper Richard Conatser  Izaiah Pemberton
Tenn. Trooper Richard Conatser
Izaiah Pemberton
Tenn Trooper Richard Conatser Izaiah Pemberton
Tenn Trooper Richard Conatser Izaiah Pemberton
All Photos Credit Local8Now.com


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